25 kilos of flour

4 Jan

During Christmas Marleen and I visited Hanos in Nijmegen. Hanos is a restaurant and catering wholesale, which means you can find almost anything you have been looking for but could not find it. There is a problem with accessing the store, because you need a card you can get only as an entrepreneur, but Marleen’s parents have one so we could join them in their visit to the store.
The Hanos is nice because of the varieties of products they offer, but also for the quantity options. For instance, there were bags of 25 Kg of flours (when you are using 5-6 kg of flour a week it is a bit unhandy to buy the 1kg packs they have at the supermarket). But also packages of 1.5 Kg of gorgonzola, or ricotta. Kinds of pecorino cheese I did not even now existed, any kind of fruit, vegetable or fresh meet/fish you could come up to. Also the varieties of spices, oil, vinegar, wine, spirits etc. is enormous. We could finally find Colza oil, which I could not see in any supermarket, or other cooking shop. Colza oil is part of the dressing of the lemon-ravioli with goat-cheese which are described in Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi. Now that we tried the recipe I am not sure it makes a lot of difference than the sunflower seed oil I used before, but maybe I should try again and use colza oil in one plate and sunflower oil in the other. I do not think using olive oil for this recipe is a good idea because the taste of olive oil is, I think, too strong for the ravioli. To make it less abstract the dressing of these ravioli consists on tarragon, red pepper and lemon juice (once could also add salt, but I don’t).
I’ll talk about the ravioli recipe another time but, in conclusion, the Hanos is an ingredients paradise. The only catch is that one might end up buying the whole shop (which is not very plausible when you are unemployed, or, also in this case, unemployment might help given that you really must choose on what you are going to put your money on). Last thing said, I opened the 25 Kg package of flour December 30 2012. How long will it last?


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