Unemployment is a misfortune. Unemployment benefits make unemployment a bit less sour because you do not need to worry about what you are going to eat or where you are going to live. One could think of them as a kind of holiday. That is not my case. I decided to call this blog unemployment benefits because it is my effort to make a shitty condition look a bit better. If I am not entitled to receive unemployment benefits I will try to get them for my self. In this case I will dedicate this blog to my success and failures in cooking. I like cooking, and given that between a job application and another I have a bit of time left for my hobby I thought having a blog could be an organized way to keep track of my disorganized culinary adventures.

What I will try to do is to go through a recipe and see what I can do of it. I will also try to give them a score from 0 to 10, like in school. The grade I will give is going to reflect 1) whether the recipe is good 2) how simple it is to make it 3) how simple it is to find the ingredients to make it 4) whether you can get the desired results if you just follow the given procedure. Example, a recipe that is good (e.g., people who eats tell you they like it too, or they ask you the recipe), easy to make (e.g., not too many different pans/procedure), and can be made quickly (e.g. 20 minutes) will get an 8. Another recipe, with the same other characteristics but which is really good (with people spamming your inbox for the recipe) will get a 9. Etc.

And about the inspiration for the recipes… Well, I am Italian, therefore I prefer our ‘cucina’ to the others even if I think I am ‘quite’ open minded about any type of food (if I have to take-away I prefer Indian, whereas Chines is a bit too fried for me, I hate to have ‘oily’ fingers). I am now living in the Netherlands though, therefore sometimes I do get interesting Dutch influences in my North-Italian style (I am actually a big fan of a Dutch cooking magazine that is called ‘delicious’). I also like very much Bill Granger, some of the recipes of Ottolenghi (at least those that do not require me to go to 10 different shops to get all ingredients)  I am not a fan of Jamie Oliver and I do not like (to prepare) French cuisine (I find it too pretentious… too many sauces…).

I leave it at this for now and … to the first recipe.


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